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My wife and I moved to the Atlanta in 2008 from the Western Kentucky area.  Anxious and a little scared we tried to make our place here. It didn’t take long with the kindness we received and feeling of community to decided to put our roots in the ground and start our family here.  With much thought and prayer we also decided to start our chiropractic office here as well.  It has always been our dream to serve a community in some capacity as it relates to health and wellness.  We are very thankful to have the opportunity start our practice (Extraordinary Life Health Center) here and be welcomes and supported by the community so much.  We know everyone is on a different health journey and some are further along than others.  This is why we have made it our purpose to meet everyone where they are and help guide them in whatever way possible.  From this mindset we formulated the mission statement for the practice.  Our mission is “to build lasting purpose on a foundation of health and community.” No matter if your in pain or suffering from a major illness we want to be an advocate for you if only through prayer to restore any lost hope and get you back to where you want to be and keep you there. 

"Our intent is not to boast but to show we live up to our promises"

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11500 Webb Bridge Way STE 5A

Alpharetta GA, 30005

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