Headaches can dominate your life just as surely as the pain dominates your head. Whether you suffer from chronic tension headaches or agonizing migraine attacks, you've probably found pain relievers to be nothing more than a temporary, incomplete answer. Fortunately, we can use chiropractic care and other natural techniques to bring you real headache relief at our Columbus, GA chiropractic care center, Health First Family Chiropractic, P.C.

What's Behind Those Recurring Headaches?

Headaches may stem from a bewildering variety of origins, from sinus infections and eye strain to serious diseases, or even no known cause at all. The most common type of headache, the classic tension headache, is closely related to muscular strain in the cervical (neck) area. The muscles in the shoulders and neck are overstressed, they tend to go into spasm. These spasms may pull on sensitive membranes attached to the muscles. One such membrane, the dura mater at the base of the skull, is notorious for referring diffuse pain signals into the head when it gets tugged on by a muscle called the RCPM (rectus capitis posterior minor) muscle. Spasms of other muscles on the sides of the neck may also lead to tension headaches, especially in whiplash sufferers.

Migraines are a more common type of headache that you might think, afflicting as many of 17 percent of us. The crushing headache that accompanies a migraine is actually only one part of your suffering, which may last up to 72 hours total. Other symptoms include light and sound hypersensitivity, nausea, vomiting, vision problems and possibly even fainting. It is believed that abnormal neurotransmitter levels may cause a series of changes that lead to sudden dilation of the blood vessels in the head, resulting in a migraine attack. Like tension headaches, migraines can be triggered by physical stress. But they can also set off by weather changes, ingredients in particular foods, bright lights, sleep issues, hormonal changes and more.


Our chiropractor, Dr. Johnson, doesn't just mask or mute your headache symptoms -- he can track down the source of those symptoms, addressing them directly so you can experience drug-free relief. We may find, for example, that your head is set slightly off-balance on the top vertebrae of the spinal column, placing your neck muscles under constant strain. Targeted chiropractic corrections can fix this problem while massage therapy relaxes those tight neck muscles. Chiropractic treatment has also proven highly successful against migraines, both in reducing the frequency of attacks and the severity of symptoms. We can also arm you with nutritional and lifestyle recommendations to help you stay away from your particular migraine triggers.

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