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This is truly the first step to health and the most important as well, so listen up and take notes (or just listen up). Health is not measured in the way you feel but in how well your body is functioning. I want to expand that concept more now by asking a simple question. I have asked the following question to thousands of people over my career and just about all of them get it right. What one organ controls every function in your body? I get the occasional heart or sometimes I even get spinal cord. These are necessary parts of the body but both would have no purpose without this one main part. The correct answer is the brain. The brain controls every function and process all the way from telling the heart to beat to telling a cell to regenerate. You disconnect or cut the brain’s ability to communicate to the body and it dies without hesitation or chance to survive. The way that the brain communicates is through the spinal cord, spinal nerves, and cranial nerves. If you can see how well the brain is sending messages to the cells, tissues and organs of the body as well as how they are sending massages back then you can assess your true potential to be healthy. Zero interference equals optimal functional and health. Any amount, even the slightest amount, of interference can set forth all kinds of disruption and interference equaling decreased function and health.

Restructure the spine to its ideal position by implementing chiropractic adjustment and corrective spinal exercises.


Retrain the body’s ability to Adapt and Recover from stress and the environment through Chiropractic adjustments

Normal spinal curves are essential to regaining health.



So your body can regain proper awareness to the internal and external environments in which it lives.





Diets high in complex carbohydrates and sugars cause hormone imbalance, inflammation, and causes internal environmental stress: increasing weight, risk of disease, and other symptoms.


All health begins at the cellular level. Cells = Tissues = Organs = YOU!

Reconfigure diets high in grains and sugars, have pH or omega-3 imbalances, and that are nutrient deficient.




Hydrate cells with high quality ionized water and nutrients.

Let’s get something straight really quick. WHAT YOU EAT IS YOUR DIET. If you keep a food journal for a week then what ever you wrote down was your diet for that week so you can’t go on a diet unless you have been fasting. The quote unquote “diet” as we know it is a fad market that turns over every time the “diet” and its recipe books stop selling. What I am about to lay out for you is not a fad, it is a proven health promoting lifestyle that will restore your hormones and rejuvenate even the most diseased person alive. Once you follow these three simple rules for eating you can expect to reduce inflammation, restore cell membrane function in order to aid detoxication, regulate hormones, and promote the use of fat as the body’s primary source of energy.

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Increase oxygen intake with metabolic conditioning


Build lean muscle mass with targeted functional movement


Driving oxygen deep down to the cellular level facilitates an internal healing environment for the human body


More lean muscle mass increases metabolism and hormone balance.  Improving your overall internal environment, stress effects, and weight loss.

Optimal Fitness

No more gym memberships (unless you just want one). At least no more 1 hour to 2 hour work outs on that old depressing treadmill. The only thing you need to know is high intensity short duration burst exercises AKA metabolic conditioning (MC). With MC you increase your metabolism by stimulating the hormones that directly aect that response in the body. By using MC you’re not only burning fat during the exercises but also up to 48 yours after. The main concept here is anaerobic exercises. That is exercise without oxygen. Boxers and sprinters use these types of workouts. It creates an oxygen debt in the body and causes you to take in more oxygen than normal for long periods of time after you finish exercising. The result is you continue to burn fat by stabilizing imbalance hormones in the blood stream which increases your metabolism. This is known as the after burn effect.

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Implement detoxification system that purifies and cleanses at the cellular level.





Eliminate toxins by reducing medications, introducing clean eating and cleaning products.


Balances hormones, decreases inflammation, and preps that hard to burn excess fat to be metabolized. Eliminating the plateaus in your journey to health and vitality.


Greatly improve and slow the cellular aging process, increasing quality and quantity of life.

Minimize Stress


Obviously you can detox to eliminate the built up toxins in your system. Just like in the diet world detoxing has become a fad market.  When you search detox on the internet you get thousands up on thousands of detox diets to detox products in the result column. It ranges from lemon juice detox to soak your feet in some magic salt water concoction. Don’t get me wrong. There are some legitimate products that facilitate the natural detox process. If you noticed I said facilitate. That means there is already a detox process in place you just need to activate it or help it along. Your body has a natural detox system and the organs - liver, kidney, and spleen are to name a few. Not to mention that every cell has its own elimination organelles for toxins like lysosomes and peroxisomes. When you bombard these natural processes with artificial synthetically made chemicals and toxins, you may have to assist in recovering them with a detox product. I am not subjecting a digestion detox but a detox that goes all the way to the cellular level. If you do not detox the cell then you have not detoxed at all. With all that said if you follow these few simple and easy keys to health then you will not only have activated your bodies natural detox ability but you will be on your way to detoxing daily as you live your new found life.

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